piątek, 10 lipca 2015

13arts - about Vivien...

Witam!!! Chciałabym pokazać wam kolejny mój layout dla 13arts
Mój DT projekt jest o pięknej aktorce Vivien Leigh. 

 Hello!!! I would like to share with you my new layout created for 13arts
My DT project is about beautiful actress Vivien Leigh.

" Nie ma brzydkich kobiet, są tylko kobiety, które nie wiedzą, że są piękne."
Vivien Leigh

"There are no ugly women, but there are women who do not know that they are beautiful"
Vivien Leigh

13arts products:
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Olive   

Dziękuję za odwiedziny! Miłego dnia!    
Thanks for visiting! Have a nice day!  
    Anna Rogalska

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Kathy Bradley pisze...

I just came here from Facebook and I had mentioned on Facebook that I thought it could be Vivian Leigh - and it is. I love your use of photos of movie stars from the Golden Years of Hollywood!

Your layout is so beautiful, as are the design and colors! I so enjoyed watching the videos you made on some of your other pages as well.